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Features & Benefits

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Login and Security

Sitepage Webedit is a secured system and includes a password protected login screen. This will insure that all contents of the website are protected from unwanted users. You will be instantly granted access to the system on providing your unique username and password.

Browse and Select

You can simply choose which file you want to edit and it automatically opens in the editor mode. The changes you make are saved right on the server and hence you do not need any additional FTP software.

Click and Edit

Just click the file which you want to edit and it is opened in editing mode. You can make the changes and save the files once you are done. A backup of the old version is maintained automatically.

Backup Website

Sitepage Webedit allows you to take a backup of the site with the click of a mouse. You can even restore the site from any of the previously saved versions.

Back and Restore Page

The previous version of the page is saved automatically before a new version is saved. This allows you to simply roll-back to previous version in case you made some bad-changes or any offer that you are givng is over.

Formatting Text
Formatting Text

You can easily change font, size, color, effects, spacing, etc and apply formatting to selected text or HTML tags

Formatting Paragraph
Formatting Paragraph

You can easily change indentation, word spacing, line height, etc and apply the formatting to selected paragraphs.

Formatting Lists
Formatting Lists

You can easily change create and edit number and bulleted lists.

Creating Tables
Creating Tables

You can easily create tables using a quick dropdown or advance screen on which you simply specify the options and the table is generated for you.

Edit Table cells

Apply Formatting

Edit Table cells and Apply Formatting

Using innovative screen, you can edit cells of the table and apply border & shading, margin, padding, width & height to tables, cells, images, and almost any HTML elements (DIVs, SPANs, etc).

Choose Colors
Choose Colors

Sitepage Webedit comes with an Advanced Color Picker with prebuilt web color pallete, HTML colors & a composition of 216 web-safe colors which are constructed in a smooth transition between each color. This will help users to select from a wide selection of effective color combinations. Other features include: hex & rgb input/preview, and the ability to specify custom colors

Style Sheet Support
Style Sheet Support

Sitepage Webedit allows you to apply pre-defined style in your existing style sheet to any text or HTML element. You can also apply an external CSS stylesheet to the site.

Create / Edit Forms
Create / Edit Forms

With Sitepage Webedit, you can Insert/Update Forms, Textboxes, Textareas, Password Inputs, Lists, Dropdowns, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Hidden Fields, File Fields, Buttons, and Submit/Reset Buttons to any page.

Preview HTML Source

With Sitepage Webedit, you can preview/edit HTML Source with code formatting & coloring.

Sitepage Webedit has a large number of settings then can be customized as per your requirements. You can specify which directories to edit, which color scheme to use, turn off/on automatic backup and change FTP settings.


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