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Quick and Easy way to edit and backup your website...
It also works with your existing website!

Editing your website will never get any simpler than this! Make changes in real-time, save them and its live instantly. Its Quick, Hassle-free and Easy. Now you just need a browser to edit your existing website!

Keep your web site up-to-date, quickly and easily!

Developed by our top notch programmers to address the specific needs of the small business owners, Sitepage Webedit CMS is a powerful new way for website owners to quickly and easily handle their Web site maintenance requirements. Now, You don't need to endlessly pursue your designer for making small changes to your website or pay premium fees to get midnight changes done!


Free Support
Free upgrades for 1 Year
Life time license
Free Installation
Works with existing websites
Volume Discounts
Money Back Guarantee
It will work with your existing website.
Sitepage Webedit has been designed to work with your existing website.
Edit any page - Instantly!
Familiar looking and simple to use tools allow you to keep your site up-to-date. You can simply browse to the page you want to edit, open it in edit mode and change the content. Upon saving , the changes are reflected instantly.

Backup and Restore
You can take a complete backup of the website and restore previously saved version with the click of the button. All changes to content are saved incrementally so that you can simply rollback to a previous version in case a mistake has been made.

The whole process is online and hence you wont need to invest in costly license on editing software like FrontPage and DreamWeaver. The software has in-built FTP program so the changes you make are automatically reflected on the internet.

Sitepage Webedit - Simple and Powerful !

Sitepage Webedit CMS has been built on common principle of "Choose, Open, Edit and Save" which every computer user is familiar with. Thus, You need not learn anything new in order to use this system effectively. Regardless of your computer knowledge you will be able to get your work done with this CMS.

General features
  1. Free installation on your server
  2. Works with latest version of all major web browser
  3. Allows its users to edit their website without any technical knowledge
  4. Automatically takes the backup of a page before saving a new version
  5. Allows for full site backup with a click of a mouse
  6. Fully browser based and requires knowledge of no additional software
Sitepage Webedit CMS has two primary usages:
  1. Edit your website
  2. Backup your website

Website Editing with Sitepage Webedit

Editing your website with Sitepage Webedit is as simple as navigating to the page that you want to edit using a familiar windows like interface, Opening the page in an "MS Word like" interface and making the changes using familiar tools and Saving the changes.
  • Preview the changes in "real time"
  • Preview the changes in multiple resolutions
  • Full support for Style Sheets
  • Ability to switch to TEXT view, to make code level changes if you wish
  • Ability to switch to "Full Screen" mode for more comfortable editing
  • Ability to add, edit and delete text, images, rich media content, hyperlinks
  • Control color, page layout, style, form elements
  • Ability to upload pictures
  • Ability to create unlimited new pages
  • Text formatting and editing tool
  • Paragraph Editing
  • List Box Editing
  • Table / Cell Editing
  • Advance control for selecting colors
  • No need to FTP as the pages are saved directly on the server
  • No need to worry about bad changes, as a backup is maintained
  • Facility to restore from previous versions of pages for any date
  • Facility to take a full backup of a site in ZIP format

Setup Options

  • Enable / Disable automatic site backup option
  • Specify directories that should be edited
  • Specify file extensions that should be editable
  • Choose a theme for the CMS


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