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    Why our design concept?
At Sitepage We don’t start from scratch, such as regular web design, yet we build your website on a professionally pre-made template.  This process will certainly take less time to complete the work, therefore less money!

Our designers will bring your imagination to life!

Whether you decide to do it yourself or let us do the work for you, the choice of selecting the right template will always be yours.

Sitepage WEBEDIT is a user-friendly advanced online website editor that lets you update your website quickly and easily, at a great price



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        Template FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sitepage?

Sitepage is a powerful system which allows you to select a unique website template created with the helping hands of professional designers to be customized to cater your needs.

2. How can I create or customize my own website using your services?

Our template customization is as easy as ABC.  Just choose a desired website template from more then 20,000 templates of any kind, order any customization you want and get a professional high quality website results.

3. Do I need any special skill in web design to order a customization?

No, you don’t need any special skills at all.  All you need is to email us and explain what website you want. The rest of work will be done for you by our professional designers.

4. What is a template?

A website template is a pre-made web page without contents, very similar to a document or greeting card template, where you insert any images or text. The main template advantage is that you can preview the appearance of your future website before you pay for it.

5. What is customization of a template?

Template customization is a process of changing (updating) a template according to the customer’s requirement.  You may order adding your text and images, changing colors and size, creating custom script and flash animated area, you may order anything you desire and our professional designers will bring it to life for you!

6. Is it not better to simply order a website from a regular web design studio?

Hiring web designers/developers to create a new, unique website costs several times more and takes more time than Template customization does. When ordering a website from a web design studio you can not view the end result of your future website before the work is completed, where as with templates this is possible.  So, in addition, with website studios, you will be forced to spend a long time and extra money before you get the design that you really like.

7. Why are services at Sitepage so fast and inexpensive?

Our designers do not have to start by creating new website layouts. They build on pre-made web templates, so our designers only need to change (update) existing templates.

8. How can I explain what I exactly want?

Professional support will be assigned to your project.  You will communicate via e-mail or phone.  You don’t need any technical skills to explain what exact website you want. Our professional and experienced managers will give you all the assistance and advice that you may need.

9. What exact customization services can I order?

You may order any template customization you want. We provide a wide range of services, from simple pasting customer’s text, to creating custom scripts and flash animating.

10. What is the price of customization?

Depending on the complexity of the template and the amount of graphics or photo manipulation, prices vary.  That is why, it would be best to get your free quote before you spend a penny!

11. How long will it take me to get the result?

Once you have explained what exact template customization you desire, we will set the preliminary term of delivery. Typical customization (depending on website size) takes between 3 - 5 days, but there can be some delays if you don’t provide the necessary information, such as correct contact information or personal files (texts, images, etc.)

12. How can I check the state of my order?

You will get a detailed explanation on how you will get access to view your own personal production interface.  Using this interface you will be able to check current stage of your order, contact us, email us personal files needed for customization and view screenshots of original template or current customization result.  If you already have a site, we will keep your old site active, you will compare between both sites, until your decision to switch over to the newly customized website.

13. What do I have to do to avoid delays and get a desired result?

Please provide the correct and full information about yourself.  Your information will not be used in any other way, other than using it to send you information regarding your order.  Make sure you have all necessary information and personal files (texts, images) that will allow manager to completely understand your project, give you the right quote and proceed with production.

14. What should I do if I do not like the template customization result?

When your task is done you receive an e-mail asking you to login to your personal production interface and check work in progress or screenshots of your template customization result. If you don’t like the result you may reasonably revise it by contacting us and demand necessary updates.

15. What is the difference between the “template customization” and the “unique template customization”?

“Template customization”:
This means that it is a non-exclusive ownership.  Other people will be able to order the same template you have selected.

"Unique template customization":
This means that it is an exclusive ownership.  We guarantee you that you will be the last person able to order this template.  After an exclusive purchase occurs the template is permanently removed from the sales directory and will never be available to other customers again. Only you and people who bought the template before you (number of people will be provided) will own it.





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