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DomianPick is an equally powered hosting service provided by DuoServers Supreme Center. Our sister company aims at providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: web hosting, domain registration and quality customer support.

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Form + $1 / selection setup (example; our form has 32 fields*)
Bulletin Board / Discussion Forum + $250 setup
Online Shopping Cart + $250 setup
Photo Gallery + $175 setup & $2 per digital photo
Content Management + $299 setup - See SitepageWEBEDIT
Guest Book + $75 setup
Classifieds Adds + $200 setup
Online Business Directory + $250 setup

If other, specify here.

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Text content
Movie clip
Flash movie
Original programming scripts

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* Drop-Down boxes add $.50 per title selection.  (example our  Project Category field has a Drop-Down box of 70 selections will cost $35 for this field).  NOTE: All Forms will include a "Thank You" confirmation page as a submission responder.




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